The Cortijo

The Cortijo

The Cortijo Maroto

The Maroto farmhouse is located in the municipality of Marmolejo, in the area of the Campiña de Jaén, south of Sierra Morena and has been managed by the Cantón family on a lease basis for generations.

In the last century the town of Marmolejo was very popular due to the prestigious medicinal waters. The spa was visited by well-known national and international personalities such as Ramón y Cajal, Ortega y Gasset, Rudolf Valentino or Charles Chaplin.

The farm, which lies on the banks of the Guadalquivir river, used to be livestock based but Miguel Cantón, its young and enthusiastic manager, has opted up for the modern olive growing techniques. In its 16 hectares there are traditional groves of centenary Picual olive trees, as well as new high density plantations of the same variety. There are also other more recent ones dedicated to super-intensive production of the Arbequina variety.

Deeply committed to the values ​​of creating a sustainable and environmentally respectful agriculture, Miguel has begun the process of converting the farm to the organic production system. Likewise he has also opted for clean and inexhaustible solar energy to meet the energy needs of the plantation. Some old specimens of Acebuche, wild olive trees, of magnificent size, adorn the estate; the fruit of these were undoubtedly a rich food supplement for the flocks of sheep and goats that used to be farmed here.

The planting of new wild olive trees and obtaining their oil, which is increasingly appreciated by the aficionado, is among the future plans of Miguel Cantón. Restoring the original farmhouse, residence of the Canton family for generations, to be used for Olive Oil Tourism activities, is another ambitious project by Miguel and his partners in LA CANTONA.