EVOO La Cantona Baginbox 3 liters

EVOO La Cantona Baginbox 3 liters


Extra Gourmet Virgin Olive Oil, obtained from Picual olives, harvested at the end of September, at our property, the Cortijo Maroto, in the countryside of Jaén.

An EEVO made with green olives, with intense fruitiness where herbaceous and vegetal notes predominate.

Very rich in oleic acid, antioxidants and chlorophyll, it gives it its beautiful emerald green color, characteristic of the oils obtained from the picual variety before beginning its ripening period.

Package consisting of a cardboard box bag with removable tap. The product does not come into contact with light or air and is stored under optimal conditions.


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Tasting notes

Intense and complex fruitiness of green olives with aromas of grass, tomato, alloza and banana. In the mouth it is slightly sweet, with pleasant bitter and spicy accent of medium intensity, very balanced and harmonious.

Recommendations for use

Preferably consume raw as a spice for all kinds of dishes. Ideal for toast, salad dressing, grilled and steamed vegetables and fish or grilled meat.
Excellent for preparing marinades and brine, cold sauces such as mayonnaise, aioli or romesco. Also used for seasoning pasta, purees and vegetable dishes.
For those who need to follow a low-fat diet, extra virgin olive oil can replace butter when preparing cakes, muffins and many other desserts and sweets.